The Nephilim

Recently I have come head to head with teachers promoting the doctrine of a mixed DNA race of Angelic beings and the daughters of men. In Christiandom there are are many doctrines that are not found in scripture. These doctrines have lead to divisions and schisms also known as denominations. I rather jokingly refere to them as demonations. The reason is because scripture tells us that there is one body and no divisions. Scripture also tells us that He the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. So how can there be so many different doctrines that contradict each other and the Word Of the Lord? The answer is as Occam expressed in his rule:Occam’s Razor concerning conclusions of any matter, that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. Truth is subject to truth and facts of truth only. Therefore there cannot be antimonys: two truths that have different conclusions and both be true.

Scripture is the final authority concern matters of doctrine in the Judaeo faith. There is one Body and those who believe upon the messiah are grafted into one faith. The rest of the people gathered into demonations that are not part of the one true body, and in fact God tells us in the passage mentioned above that He sends all those who loved not the “truth” that they could be saved, strong delusions to believe a lie. It is God who separates his people from the profane.
With that basic ground work covered let us look at the doctrine of angels having sex with daughters of men.

In Gods Word we find that angelic beings are created beings to worship and serve God. There is no evidence that these creatures marry, procreate, or even have sexuality other than they are male in character.

The Father in Heaven is a righteous God who does not punish the just. In the main text used by people who belive that angels had an offspring on earth at the time of the Flood found in Genesis chapter 6. We find that God destroys every living man except eight people and the animals of his creation clean and unclean alike are preserved in the ark.
If it were Angels that sinned with woman and took them all as their wives. Why would God kill the Sons of God who are clearly refered to as “men” in these scriptures if they had not sinned before the father. Would a righteous God kill all men for what the women did? No clearly not. These “Sons of God” are men from Seths bloodline. The next question I would raise is why would Angels “marry” women? They are still spiritual beings and would not be drowned in a flood. So why would God attempt to kill them and along with them every man, woman and child in a flood. Clearly the simplest answer is the ones that took wives of Cain’s lineage are the Sons of Seth and they were judged because they had the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. They took not one wife but every one of them that they desired. This infuriated God and he so righteously judged them: the son’s of Seth.
I Would love to hear from you to whether this simple explanation changes your mind on the subject, or not.


What if: tribulation was 45 days?

So many prophets regurgitating words under the latent power of the soul, that it is hard to the get the hearers to listen to the Word of God being read. The spectacular signing of a “Peace Treaty” that no Christian will see , because the born again believers are raptured. And then the Antichrist will break a seven year peace treaty after three and a half years!

Wow can you show this to me in scripture? No 

Well let’s see what we can find if we read the Bible for ourselves. Let us read Daniel chapter 11:31 to the end of chapter twelve.

In chapter 11:31 We read that the Antichrist character takes away the sacrifice and is also the one who sets up the abomination.

Verse 40 says in context to time it is at the end, when the king of the south and the king of the north push at him.

verse 45 tells us he does something in the glorious holy mountain and he comes to his end.

Now chapter twelve verse one says that at that time everyone found written in the book of life is delivered and the ones who sleep are judged.

Verse three is for you believers who are wise.

Verse six Daniel asked: how long shall it be to the end of these wonders? It shall be for a time, times, and a half of a time. When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, and all all these things shall be finished. It does sound like three and a half years, but from what to what?

The sacrifice being stopped and the abominations set up? Yup!

So verse eleven says that, but uses days right. So from verse 45 we see the abomination and then the gathering of Gods elect who are written in the book of life. So after the 3 1/2 years we will see great tribulation (verse 12:1), as Jesus said in Matthew 24 and immediately after that we will see Jesus coming in the clouds. So the tribulation is exactly the difference between the 1290 days in verse 12:11 and the 1335 days because these “blessed” are gods chosen.

That my fellow Christians is what the bible really says concerning The Lord’s return and the tribulation that is forty five days.

Bless you all